Welcome to Dogs vs The Dow

Our goal is to provide clients with a return on investment greater than the Dow Jones Industrial Average by wagering on college football.  Many handicappers claim to outperform the stock market, but I’ve yet to find any that legitimately track their selections alongside the stock market. All of our picks are monitored by Handicapper Watchdog and can also be viewed on our selections page.  Our performance page displays our record on a monthly basis as well as the performance of investing the same amount of initial capital into the exchange traded fund, DIA, which mirrors the performance of the Dow.

Our company uses a combination of market data and subjective analysis to determine our plays, and we exclusively bet on college football. It takes time and extreme discipline to make money in sports.  If you are looking for the 10-Star lock of the year we are not for you.  If you have a hard time sticking to a long-term plan, we are not for you.  If you are interested in using sports to make an attractive return on your money and you have the discipline to practice our money management program, we might just be what you are looking for.